Timberland Earthkeepers 6″ Boots

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Boots: Timberland Earthkeepers Rugged 6″ Waterproof Boots

Here i’m repping the classic 6 inch rugged ‘Earthkeepers’ by Timberland. I was gifted these boots on my birthday, as a Christmas gift and I can’t complain. 

I’ve had my eyes on these original, brown leather boots for the longest time; being a classic whilst still maintaining its uniqueness. Everyone seems to have Timberlands these days however I hardly see these all weatherproof kicks in brown. 

I couldn’t keep myself from whacking them on and getting a few shots for this post, so above are some images taken of the 6″ rugged Timberland Earthkeepers.

I have a serious eye on these eatherkeepers in jet black suede. I just admire the sleek, ‘wear with anything’ vibe. I can only imagine the endless combinations those can be paired with, making it worth every single penny.

What’s your favourite footwear by Timberland?

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