Most Efficient Lightning Cable for IPhones

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Iphone Lightning Cable: Syncwire

All Iphone owners have experienced the breakage of our genuine apple phone chargers. I, like most, did an online search, looking for the ideal, braided iphone lightning cable. 

I quickly came across Syncwire’s Charging & Syncing cables on amazon, a very popular, No 1# best seller in fact. I loved the metallic grey wire design displayed in the thumbnail which drew me towards the product.

A few months on, after purchasing this cable, it is obvious that this wire was designed to provide the most efficient level of power to charge the lithium-ion batteries in my Apple idevices, all without them displaying that annoying “This accessory is not certified/supported…”.

Durability was what I was after when looking for this product and I got just that and more with the faster charging speeds. I can honestly say I can’t think of any negatives on this product. Wow!

Seriously consider this high quality, Mfi certified product if your looking for fast, durable ‘charge and sync’. 

What do you think?
And have you seen Syncwires motto?

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