Air Vent Phone Mount

Car Air Vent Phone Mount: Vagus ElectronicsTM

There are many ways of displaying and using your phone’s interface when commuting in you car, van, caravan, personal plane. Note: Don’t Text and Drive!! There’s the suction cup mount, the heads up display, the Interior display. But this post is about the classic air vent mount.

I recently purchased this item online via amazon because I was nervous that car burglars see the suction cup device mount, or the mark it leaves on the windscreen and think there’s valuable devices situated in the car and attempt to break in.

Something like this happened to me before, so to prevent it happening again, this item had to be bought. This would allow my phone to be mounted on the car’s air vents neatly in closer range to me. This device is an advantage over the other types of mounts because:
1. It can be left in the car and fit right into the interior of a car. Alternatively it can be stored away very easily due to its small size.
2. The view you get of the device’s interface is closer and it also removes the need for obstructing the windscreen view with distractive devices.

The only disadvantage to this essential tool is the limited amount of air vents it can be attached to. I’ve tried it on the old Vauxhall 2000 Corsa, the new 2015 Corsa, the Citroen C8, the Audi A1 and the Vauxhall insignia and have easily managed, with some trial and error, to fix the Iphone 4s, 6 and 6 plus onto the air vent via the mount successfully – Within 15 seconds.

So check this mount out on Amazon here. Or other mounts like it elsewhere. And for £2, you can’t go wrong.
What do you think?

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