5 Miniature Colognes


(Cologne 1): (Ted Baker’s X2O Extraordinary)
(Cologne 2): (Hugo Boss’s BOSS)
(Cologne 3): (Aramis Eau de Toilette)
(Cologne 4): (Givenchy’s Play)
(Cologne 5): (Ted Baker’s Skinwear)

I got given these mini fragrances for my Christmas birthday a few years ago. But because of its cute size and small volume of liquid in each, I couldn’t bring myself to use them up then. Hence why I can now do a post on these products years after.

I got these 5, uni-packaged colognes as a gift:

First (In order of packaged, left to right) is Ted Baker’s X2O eXtraOrdinary (released 2007) for men. An oriented spice fragrance which has notes of tangerine, black pepper and amber. This one has an autumn, seasonal smell.


Second, is Hugo Boss’s aftershave BOSS (released 2007) for men. This refreshing, masculine fragrance is contained in a colourless, miniature 5ml bottle, which really shows of the washed out gold colour within. The premium smell has notes of apple and citrus fruits as well as their deeper richer smells of geranium, cinnamon and cloves. Just holding the palm sized bottle makes you feel like BOSS


Third in the set is Aramis Eau de Toilette (also released in 2007) in its typical aftershave bottle. Typical appearance with a not so typical smell. “Aramis’ sophisticated ingredients, including bergamot, citrus, patchouli, sage, sandalwood and leather blend together like a fine scotch whiskey” as described by Amazon. This is probably why Aramis’ aftershave have that unusual, non typical smelling fragrance making it one of the worlds bestselling scents.


Fourth is Givenchy’s Play (also released in 2007). This is my favorite by appearance because of its unique container. It looks a bit like a future TV remote of dreams. Being transparent and having ‘rewind’ and ‘fast forward’ buttons on the front of the bottle, as well as the most important feature – THE RED PLAY BUTTON!
This item probably holds the strongest scent out of all colognes. It has the top notes of bergamot, mandarin orange, bitter orange and grapefruit as well as them middle notes of Amyris wood, black pepper and a coffee flower accord. Great for a longer term smell.


Fifth and finally is Ted Baker’s fragrance Skinwear (also released in 2011). This is the newest one out of the 5 with the top notes of lime, bergamot and lemon and middle notes of cypress, juniper and rosemary over the warm musk undertone. Best used for daytime wear.


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