Mi-Pac to Herschel









Bag 1: Mi-Pac Nordic Backpack

Bag 2: Herschel – Little American Backpack

Like many, in the past few years, I have been quite reliant on backpacks! Mostly because as well as looking great and being stylish, they carry everything from little cameras and essentials to four massive educational folders for college. These two bags are the main bags I used in part of high school and the start of my college life.

MI-PAC••• I got my Mi-pac Nordic Backpack first for my last year at high school (UK-Year 11) for only £22 at BankFashion. This was something different as I previously used a Brown Adidas messenger bag which was perfect and met my needs then, but this was year 11; where the workload increased, and so i needed slightly more room.   

The Navy Blue, Mi-Pac Nordic Backpack is made of a durable canvas outer fabric lined with a waterproof layer inside, so i didn’t need to worry about wet books in rainy weather. The Aztec like pattern was actually a Navajo inspired design. This bag has a double zip fastening, each with branded zip pulls and front pocket with ‘Mi-Pac’s’ signature branding. This pack is carried with either the short grab handle at the top, or the more commonly used  padded shoulder straps with an adjustable length.

One main thing these things have in common is that they both incorporate a  classic heritage style, with a minimum of A4 dimensions, perfect for college, school or travelling.

Herschel••• I recently purchased the Little American Backpack (FullSized) in the hope to have as much space as possible because, i did use the Mi-Pac in the first term of sixth form college but it soon became clear that i needed more space as my folders started to wear and stretch the top half of  canvas fabric (visible in the 5th picture up). After spending weeks of looking for reasonable solutions and new packs, i stumbled across the Herschel Little American Backpack and the Nanny State Double Buckle Backpack, two similarly styled packs with two very different prices. I spent at least a week contemplating getting the £22 Nanny State pack or dishing out £85 for the Herschel. After seeing many positive reviews about the pack, i had to save up and get the Herschel.

This Herschel Little American Backpack is also made of a durable canvas outer fabric lined with multiple layers including a waterproof layer inside. However this outer material feels more heavy duty and less likely to brake, but i guess you’d expect it from the price. This classic mountaineering inspired design includes a large main compartment with a flap front and a drawstring top which combines to securely close the pack, held down with twin buckle strap fastenings. This pack is also carried around with a top handle and padded shoulder straps (with even more padding in the straps then the mi pac. Plus it includes 3 back pads for maximum comfort for longer journeys ). And most importantly the custom Herschel (Red and white striped) lining. “Herschel produces quality built backpacks inspired by vintage mountaineering equipment, American heritage and world travel. With a passion for individuality and personal style, Herschel adapts to a new generation updating their bags with a modern fit, shape and feel.” – Asos

So, in the mean time, ‘imma‘ go rock this great Herschel pack. And it was a great choice in saving up for this well worth product as its now part of my educational and travel life.



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