KitSound Ribbon Earphones






Last year on my way back from holiday (from France) by ferry, I thought I would look for a little something to remind me of the amazing trip of summer 2013. whilst traveling over the seas, one part of the on-board stores which caught my eyes was the audio section, where they had many, many brands and designs of earphone, headphones, music docks, speakers and all sorts. As I had €30 to spear and looking for products at this price range (Equivalent to approx £24 UK pounds ) I came across a bunch of these colourful “KitSound Ribbon earphones”.

The appearance of the product from the shelf is an eye catcher because its in, what looks like, a premium product packaging with a rich dark grey (and the colour of your earphone) box with a window exposing this product in all its glory. From what I know, they do the ribbons in 7 different colours, for example the green ones come in a green packaging etc. And if you prefer listening to high quality music like me, then this first look gives us a slight idea of its music production. But lets get inside this guy and have a look.

I got these KS Ribbon earphones in purple, so as well as the 85cm long cable, the aluminium cased earphones also comes in the same colour with 2 silver circular designs at the end of each earphone. KS made these audio devices with 11mm drivers which are the vibrating diaphragm disks within the buds that produce this sound. This setup means the product produces a nice wide sound, adding to the quality of sound. This also has a crystal clear call quality multi-function button & microphone for calling and skipping tracks limiting the complexity of the audio device. One if the main features found on this device is the flat, tangle-free cable so you don’t every have to worry about messy earphones again. These also come with different sized silicone tips (as shown above) for a comfortable fit whether you have small medium or large ears. 

It is fair to say KitSounds know what they are doing when it comes to these sorts of things plus, THEY’RE MUSICIANS, and strive for the “best quality products that don’t cost the earth”. They started off with taking apart mono tape players they purchased from car boot sales to see what was going on inside them, then moved on to make there first product known as the “KitSound S3XPK”. Now they make all sorts from docks to speakers to waterproof sports audio buds to even musical ear warmers.

I think their website is worth a visit to see the range of items they have at . I have a pair of wired “Beats SoloHD” which is a great set of headphones despite what people may say. However they’re not very practical when it comes to using them on the move whether it be jogging or road tripping or editing videos on the move etc in comparison to the wireless headphones e.g Beats Wireless. KS actually do a collection of wireless headphones for a great price. From there MANHATTAN over ear headphones (£34.99) to their STEREO BLUETOOTH headphones (£48.95).

All in all, this is a great product and i think i will be purchasing a MANHATTAN over-ear headphones soon and to see for myself how this quality of product compares to other top brands such as the “beats SoloHD” etc.



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