New Year Picks


Main 2



Blazer: Next
Scarf: Next
Jumper: Burton
Jeans: Burton
Boots: Burton

Here, I have put together a few things for a new years winter look. 2014 has rolled in bringing a cold January start to the new year, and with the post Christmas sales on, and items purchased, I managed to put a few things together.

This navy blue blazer caught my eye in a next outlet. Its pretty cool and unbelievably warm; and the brown elbow patches gives it that edge. Straight after this siting (in next) I found this grey, blue, red contrasted scarf and with the very low price, i had to pick it up. I mean, no wonder there was only a few left. The next item is this awesome “MIAMI”  jumper from Burton menswear which can be worn in so many ways in which I chose to have a simple black polo underneath with my navy blue blazer over. Then I completed this whole look with this slim fit, light washed jeans and my brown Burton boots (did a previous post on this item).

And so, I guess this completes my new year, January look.



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