Winter Wish List•

winter wish-list


This is a wish list of stuff (in fashion and accessories) that I like, and since Christmas is around the corner, in less than a month, I thought this would be very appropriate to share the things I want and like. From backpacks to trainers and a phone case to onesies, this collage of stuff varies reflecting my style and I would also love these for Christmas. I put this together using Polyvore, so feel free to click on the linked pictures above to check out locations/stores of my choice.

The Items include:                                                                                                                                               •Pull&Bear black Scarf– I came across this simple winter-wear on the Asos website and thought it’d look cool.                                                                                                                                                                     •Penfield Burgundy Backpack- saw this at Urban Outfitters and as I’m in need of a new school bag, I thought this would do the job. Plus it looks great ☺                                                                                     •Herschel little America pack- I also saw this at urban outfitters and liked this slightly more than the previous pack. It’s different and a lot bigger, meaning more space for college books and folders and other important stuff to enhance my learning haha                                                                                                       •Asos hooded trench- I don’t own a trench so when I saw this guy online (Asos) I thought, “yup…I need this”. Hint!                                                                                                                                                                                 •Vans Sk8-Hi Trainers- I like this style of vans. I have got a pair of black and white Vans-Authentic-Plimsolls and when I came across this type, I quite liked it.                                                                              •Asos Plimsolls- These plimsolls from Asos looks pretty similar to the Vans brand but it’s at such a better price so I guess I want to add this to my collection and try them out.                                                   •Nike Air max 90 Sneakerboot- Air Maxes have been out for a while now and I was never really that interested in them. But I guess you could say they started growing on me. When I came across these on the Nike website, I obviously wanted these guys, I mean look at them.                                                                 •Tommy Hilfiger Watch- This watch is quite pricey and I didn’t notice this until afterwards but putting that aside I did come across this on the Asos website and as I don’t own many watches due to my mobile being my upmost lifeline, I thought I wanted something very similar to this. #HintHint                       •Outcast Varsity Onesie- I’ve added this to my wish list because these are awesome man. Real warm, snug and come in absolutely anything, you name it. From giraffes to a plain, coloured, red one. I picked this one because it’s chilled and I quite like it.                                                                                                                 •BenBrown’s Patterned Hoodie- This guy is a vloging youtuber, and l have been watching his videos for quite a while now. He has a store which he sells clothing etc. and one thing that caught my eye was this hoodie.                                                                                                                                                                                •Sun waves pocket Tee- This guy (LouisCole) is also a vlogger but I started watching his videos from ages ago. He and his friends started this group company known as ‘Find the Nomads’. So this simple tee appeared on this list.                                                                                                                                                  •Penny IPhone case- PennySkateboards make these high quality street cruiser skateboards and I have been a fan of them for a long time now. When browsing on their site, I saw this and as I’m in need of a new mobile case, I liked this one.

//Keep an eye out as I will be posting a wish list on my technology page (First post on there).//



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